• What is Catalyst?

    Delivered by Ridley Hall, free and fully funded by the Church of England, Catalyst is a dynamic training course which aims to equip and connect those who work with children and young people in the local church.

    Catalyst is for:
      Those who want to be equipped, empowered and resourced to serve the next generation.
      Those who want to be a catalyst for change in our churches and communities.
      People with a range of experience, from new volunteers to paid children and youth workers.
    You will gain:
      New knowledge and skills to lead children and young people.
      An understanding of the Christian faith and a deeper ability to relate this to your role.
      Partnerships with others, both locally and nationally.
      A chance to explore further study.
      An option to complete an assignment and gain 20 credits at level 4 qualification.
    Catalyst runs from March to October and includes:
      Five sessions of locally held learning groups.
      A 3-day conference held at the Hayes Conference Centre, Derbyshire.
      A regional induction day.
      Access to digital resources and learning activities to complete in your own time.
      A graduation day in Cambridge.
      If you are in conversation with your Diocese about starting the Catalyst course, get back in touch with them and sign up.
      Alternatively, fill in the form at the bottom of this page to register your interest.

    Course Overview

    September 2024 entry:

    Catalyst for Mission: Discover what it means to play your part in God’s mission to the world.

    • @ Bristol - 21st September 2024
    • @ Cambridge - 28th September 2024
    • @ North West - 28th September 2024 (venue TBC)

    Expand your understanding about how children and young people learn and how this can be used for effective discipleship.

    Explore the importance of developing a deeper relationship with God, your team and the children and young people you minister to.

    Ignite your passion for mission with children and young people by taking a closer look at the cultural contexts you are in.

    Take a deep dive into what discipleship is for children and young people today in the Hayes Conference Centre, Derbyshire.

    Dates: Friday 31st January to Sunday 2nd February.

    Understand the importance of inclusion and some of the practical steps that youth and children’s leaders can take towards more inclusive group work.

    Show others all that you have learnt during the Catalyst course by giving a short presentation about an aspect of your ministry over the past year.

    Celebrate all that you have achieved over the course and look ahead at all that God has in store as you continue to play your part in God’s mission to children and young people.

    Date: May (date TBC) 2024, Ridley Hall, Cambridge

    Register your interest

    If you are not already in conversation with your Diocese, you can register your interest here.